FREE Pole Beginner 1

This class is taught by:

Donnelle S

      Donnelle discovered an interest for pole dancing 3 years ago when walking on Queen Street West with a friend.

      She fell in love with pole dancing through multiple fitness classes, supportive teachers and regaining her inner sexy vixen through dance.

     After many years of teaching younger children at daycare, summer camps and tutoring centers, Donnelle thought it would be a new and exciting challenge to teach and empower men and women to achieve their goals throughout their fitness journey. Early childhood educator by day, pole instructor by night, Donnelle is a certified pole beginner 1 instructor at Brass Vixens and is currently working on getting other certifications such as aerial training, and pole inversions training.
    She is very excited to teach new vixens everywhere! 

Di Ana

Diana’s love for pole began several years ago, after she tried her first pole teaser class. Since then, pole dancing has become one of her passions and it has been impossible for her to stay off the poles! Pole fitness has also inspired her to take workshops from pole stars and to continue to expand her aerial skills in new apparatus, such as silks.
Through pole dancing, Diana has gained tremendous strength, flexibility, confidence and an extremely supportive pole family.
In addition to pole, Diana also enjoys hot yoga and swimming.
Diana has been a pole instructor for over 3 years. She loves supporting and encouraging students to develop strength, confidence and beauty in reaching their fitness goals and dreams.

Shani H

Shani took her first pole dance class four years ago at Brass Vixens and has never looked back! Now teaching pole dance classes and Twerk classes, Shani offers her unique mix of hip hop, dancehall and afro style dance to pole dance. She encourages us to embrace our curves and femininity while we tone and build the booty of our dreams in Twerk class!
Learn basic moves of pole dance and sport!
Two classes per person please ;)
This class is for FirstTime Visitors only! Vixens are welcome if you bring a FirstTime friend with you!

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