LYRA Conditioning

This class is taught by:

Lee Sa

Lee Sa has been a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 24 years. She began instructing pole dance over 11 years ago and most recently added lyra to her repertoire. Her passion for dance and fitness as a child has grown into her life long career. Lee Sa has won various fitness competitions including a PSO Dramatic Level 4 Masters in 2013. As a previous studio owner, she has successfully taught many women (and men) the art of pole dance and loves watching her students grow and achieve what they never thought possible. As a board member and master trainer for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, she is very committed to the pole and aerial community. Lee Sa is very excited to be teaching pole, lyra, flexibility and conditioning classes at Brass Vixens.
This class offers students a mix of apparatus and ground based exercises to help students get over plateaus, build strength and get more cardio in workouts. We will also focus on helping correct strength imbalances, strengthen under worked muscles and stretch over worked ones. Weights, body weight exercises, plus lyra and pole will be used to create a dynamic workout that is suitable for all levels.
Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated.
Cancellation policies in effect.