Pole Beginner 1 and 2

This class is taught by:

Vanessa Robin

Vanessa manages the Brass Vixens Mississauga studio and can also be found teaching pole, flexibility and conditioning classes at our other studio locations. She discovered pole dancing while completing her post secondary education, and has loved it ever since.
With a dance background in Hawaiian Polynesian hula dancing and as a licensed Zumba Instructor, Vanessa shares her passion for dance with youth, older adult and pre/post natal clients. She loves that dance, especially pole dance, is both fun and challenging and hopes that her classes motivate others to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle.
Learn the foundations of pole dancing including basic spins, strength holds and floor work to help develop upper body, core strength and flexibility. This particular pole beginner 1 class is mixed level for beginner 2 students to continue to build on Beginner 1 skills. It is not for intermediate or advanced students!!
We do not recommend this mixed level class as your first class at Brass Vixens.
Late To Class/Cancellation Policies in effect

Upcoming classes:

  • Wed Oct 25 5:30 pm - 6:25 pm with Vanessa Robin
    at Mississauga