Diva Bi*ch (BQ2)

This class is taught by:

Pastel Supernova

Pastel is an uninhibited artist who uses her femininity as the prime stimulus for everything she creates. Professionally trained in classical dance Pastel choreographed and performed for contemporary dance companies before touring as an international dancer for some of the world's top pop artists. Supernova is a published model, film and television actor and teaches several classes based on developing women's confidence and grace. Her choreographic style is a mix of Graham technique, Latin dances and her own inimitable flavour. In 2012 she founded Love Letters Cabaret, an ensemble of Canada's top dancers and singers quoted to be "Toronto's most exciting, edgy and sexually charged dance theatre company." Pastel has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Flare Magazine dubbed her one of Canada's most influential women, she was titled "Best Stage Presence" at Italy's Como Burlesque Festival and is 2015's Alternative People's Choice Awards' Top Burlesque Performer. Watch out for her in Becoming Burlesque the new feature film about a girl whose life is changed by a Toronto burlesque company where she plays the leader & choreographer, both on and off camera.
Level 2 Burlesque. Work your way to ruling the stage like a Queen. Focus will be on props (boas, gloves, fans.. and any article of clothing worth tossing off. Choreography at the end of each class will test your Diva Bi#ch!
You need permission from your Burlesque instructor to enter this class!
Late-to-Class/Cancellation Policies in effect!