PoleStar Anna v.Heune: Static Pole Revival

This class is taught by:

Anna von Heune

Anna is a pole and circus acrobat from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is an IPSF-certified
master trainer and coach. She also has immense experience in strength training and power
lifting and is a certified strength coach with CORFIT. Anna is known for her controlled
strength moves, impeccable technique and clean routines. In addition to competing and
performing nationally and internationally, Anna is a born educator and coach and provides
her students with comprehensive competition training programs and riveting routines.
Static Pole Revival

Breathe life into your static pole sequences

Everything from foot spins, phoenix spins, to fluid static rotations down the pole. Learn the tricks to making static pole look like spin pole.

Prerequisite: climb; aerial invert (Pole Inversions)

Late Policies in effect.

Workshop Fees are final sale!