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This class is taught by:

Boss Bi*ch

Shannon is the lead Vixen, bringing pole dancing, hula hooping, aerial fitness and more to Toronto since 2007. An entrepreneur for 10+ years, she created, lives and loves her brand, Brass Vixens. Shannon enjoys being the mom to Taryn and has 2 fur babies Baby and Justyn-Bobby. She is certified in Pole Dancing, Pilates, Hula Hooping and Aerial Fitness. You can find her teaching classes and running the studio or traveling to anywhere with a white sandy beach!

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal fell in love with pole dancing when she came across Brass Vixens in 2012. What started off as a simple “change of scenery” from the gym quickly grew to a passion for spins, tricks and strength training. She attributes her learned flexibility to pole classes and took the instructor certification on a personal mission to improve her technique – until she realized that she loves teaching too! Without a background in dance or gymnastics, she believes in “practice makes perfect” and is always happy to share tips with her students on their Vixen journey!
Great for all levels.  Be prepared to work up a sweat in this hula hoop class! 
We'll be using the hoops for a full body workout, sometimes including the use of hand weights, bands and pilates mat work.  We're switching it up all the time!
Bare feet or indoor runners optional. 
Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated.
Cancellation policies in effect.