Melissa G

Melissa was born and raised in Toronto and has been a member of Toronto’s pole dancing community for nearly a decade. Her diverse background includes several years of dance (ballet and jazz), gymnastics training and three university degrees (Political Science, Marketing and Education).
While pole dancing has only been practiced as a form of fitness and sport for a short while, Melissa was swinging on poles in the playground and on the subway since she was a kid. Her style of teaching can described as a combination of fun, sass and tough love. Melissa has trained with world class pole stars from around the world and is certified to teach all levels of pole, pole conditioning and aerial fitness.
When Melissa isn't teaching classes, you can find her sitting behind the desk as the Queen West studio manager. She has a true passion when it comes to teaching and hopes to share that with everyone.

Melissa G instructs the following:
  • InterPole
  • Get ready to defy gravity!
    Improve your spins, perfect climbing and learn more challenging inversions.
    Prerequisite: Must be able to do an inverted straddle and be comfortable with all the Pole Inversions curriculum.  Be sure to get permission from your instructor to join this class!

  • Pole 2
  • This class will build on Beginner 1 skills, expanding your dance and spin repertoire and improving your strength and flexibility.
    You will be introduced to climbing, sitting and lifting yourself on the pole for increased upper body strength.
    Preparing the body to invert is included in this level.
    Prerequisite: Must have a "Pink Slip" from Beginner 1 to enter this level!
    Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle!

  • Pole Beginner 1
  • For new students!
    Learn the foundations of pole dancing including basic spins, strength holds and floor work to help develop upper body, core strength and flexibility.
    This particular pole beginner 1 class is not for beginner 2 or more advanced students!!!
    LateToClass/Cancellation Policies in effect

  • A$$ Class! NEW
  • Dreaming of a round sexy booty? Dream no more! This class will make you sweat from your own hotness by focusing on your favourite muscle group the Gluteus aka the booty! Build and tone your butt from every angle, to bring out that lifted and gifted round booty. We also work on shrinking that waist line, to accentuate the booty for a more dramatic and hourglass look.
    Bring your indoor shoes, awesome spirit and more important, your sexy butt for a high energy ass squeezing session!
    Late-to-Class/Cancellation Policies in effect.
    All Levels Welcome