Boss Bi*ch

Shannon is the lead Vixen, bringing pole dancing, hula hooping, aerial fitness and more to Toronto since 2007. An entrepreneur for 10+ years, she created, lives and loves her brand, Brass Vixens. Shannon enjoys being the mom to Taryn and has 2 fur babies Baby and Justyn-Bobby. She is certified in Pole Dancing, Pilates, Hula Hooping and Aerial Fitness. You can find her teaching classes and running the studio or traveling to anywhere with a white sandy beach!

Boss Bi*ch instructs the following:
  • Open Practice
  • Unsupervised practice in the studio for pole dancing, aerial, floor, chair or hoop work. 
    Please keep to your level and refrain from teaching your fellow students! (please join our Instructor Training Program if you are so inclined ;)
    We do not recommend Open Practice for Beginner 1 students.
    Cancellation policies in effect.

  • FlyVixens Aerial Stretch
  • All levels welcome. Using a combo of pilates, yoga and inversion, this workout will give your body a complete stretch using a hammock/sling suspended from our ceiling. PLEASE WEAR LONG PANTS, A SHIRT WITH SLEEVES AND SOCKS FOR THIS CLASS.
    Late-to-Class/Cancellation Policies in effect.

  • HotMess!
  • Indoor runners and your best sports bras are recommended. We'll be doing 5 rounds of tabata for conditioning then focus on core stability. Expect skipping, squats and the occasional burpee. To balance out this intense class we'll finish it off with 15 - 20 minutes of gentle stretching.
    Be sure to bring water!

  • FlyVixens Aerial 1
  • Learn the basic skills and techniques for this amazing aerial sport.
    Enjoy fitness and flexiblility training in this 55 minute class!
    For beginners.
    Using a combination of pilates, inversions and yoga, this class gives you a complete body workout with the support of an aerial hammock suspended from our ceiling!
    Be prepared to fly!
    Long sleeves, leggings and socks required.
    Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation policies in effect.

  • Aerial Curriculum STAFF
  • A quick half hour meet to update and get feedback ;)