Shani H

Shani took her first pole dance class four years ago at Brass Vixens and has never looked back! Now teaching pole dance classes and Twerk classes, Shani offers her unique mix of hip hop, dancehall and afro style dance to pole dance. She encourages us to embrace our curves and femininity while we tone and build the booty of our dreams in Twerk class!

Shani H instructs the following:
  • Pole Beginner 1
  • For new students!
    Learn the foundations of pole dancing including basic spins, strength holds and floor work to help develop upper body, core strength and flexibility.
    This particular pole beginner 1 class is not for beginner 2 or more advanced students!!!
    LateToClass/Cancellation Policies in effect

  • Pole 2
  • This class will build on Beginner 1 skills, expanding your dance and spin repertoire and improving your strength and flexibility.
    You will be introduced to climbing, sitting and lifting yourself on the pole for increased upper body strength.
    Preparing the body to invert is included in this level.
    Prerequisite: Must have a "Pink Slip" from Beginner 1 to enter this level!
    Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle!

  • Pole Inversions
  • This is our Intro to Pole Inversions class!
    In this class not only will you work on perfecting your spins using both hands, spin combinations and floor work,
    you will also learn the techniques for basic inversions, leg hangs and lifts in this exciting level!
    Prerequisite: You must have permission from a Pole Beginner 2 instructor to join this class.

  • InterPole
  • Get ready to defy gravity!
    Improve your spins, perfect climbing and learn more challenging inversions.
    Prerequisite: Must be able to do an inverted straddle and be comfortable with all the Pole Inversions curriculum.  Be sure to get permission from your instructor to join this class!

  • DanceHall! NEW!
  • Channel your inner Dancehall Queen.
    Learn the latest dancehall moves and fun routines as you increase your core and lower body strength and gain flexibility.
    Learn dancehall tricks like "head top" ie head stands, "6:30" and "indicator" and more!
    Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation Policies in effect.

  • Twerkout
  • This class is jam packed with booty poppin' dance, sculpting, lifting, and toning! 
    Learn the mysteries of twerking while conditioning your lower body and building the booty of your dreams!
    High heels optional!  Please bring a mat, towel and bottle of water.

  • Mindful Meditation
  • Learn the basic techniques for this de-stressing skill while enjoying the benefits of a deep chill!
    This is an intro class to meditation practices. We learn practical methods of quieting the mind, calming the breath and coping with the day to day issues of life that rob us of our joy and peace of mind.
    Because it is not always about your butt!
    Late-to-Class/Cancellation Policies in effect
    All Levels Welcome!