Pastel Supernova

Pastel is an uninhibited artist who uses her femininity as the prime stimulus for everything she creates. Professionally trained in classical dance Pastel choreographed and performed for contemporary dance companies before touring as an international dancer for some of the world’s top pop artists. Supernova is a published model, film and television actor and teaches several classes based on developing women’s confidence and grace. Her choreographic style is a mix of Graham technique, Latin dances and her own inimitable flavor. In 2012 she founded Love Letters Cabaret, an ensemble of Canada’s top dancers and singers quoted to be “Toronto’s most exciting, edgy and sexually charged dance theater company.” Pastel recently performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, was titled "Best Stage Presence" at Italy's Como Burlesque Festival and is 2015's Alternative People's Choice Awards' Top Burlesque Performer. Flare Magazine dubbed her one of Canada’s most influential women.

Pastel Supernova instructs the following:
  • Erotic Chair Dance
  • (We do not recommend this class as your first class!)
    Dance provocatively on and around a chair like never before.
    *Maneuver yourself around this multifaceted prop like a pro.
    *Strengthen your muscles in a whole new way.
    *Arm yourself with sexy improvisation tools.
    *Improve your technique.
    *Learn a sexy routine to show off or keep as a personal secret.
     Leggings and knee pads recommended!


  • Sultry Swagger Burlesque
  • Learn the dance of seduction! In this class you will learn how to captivate your audience whether it's one person or a packed room. You will recognize your feminine strength and learn how it will help you improvise. Improve your technique by finding out how to sway, spin and dip gracefully.  Indoor high heels recommended but not mandatory.  

  • Pole Beginner 2
  • This class will build on Beginner 1 skills, expanding your dance and spin repertoire and improving your strength and flexibility.
    You will be introduced to climbing, sitting and lifting yourself on the pole for increased upper body strength.
    Preparing the body to invert is included in this level.
    Prerequisite: Must have a "Pink Slip" from Beginner 1 to enter this level!
    Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle!

  • FlexyVixens
  • A traditional dancer's stretch and flexibility class aimed at increased full body flexibility. This class is interactive so bring your stretch requests! ... and water bottle!

  • LegsWideOpen!
  • This class is designed to teach you the techniques for achieving your splits!
    Front splits, side splits, over splits!
    This is an All Level class aimed at increasing your flexibility, especially if you consider yourself inflexible!
    Be sure to bring a water bottle!

  • Pole Beginner 1 ONLY
  • For new students!
    Learn the foundations of pole dancing including basic spins, strength holds and floor work to help develop upper body, core strength and flexibility.
    This particular pole beginner 1 class is not for beginner 2 or more advanced students!!!
    LateToClass/Cancellation Policies in effect

  • HeartThrob! NEW
  • Feel the sensuality of slow motion moves while working up a steamy sweat. Imagine a reenactment of Flash Dance sequences with the hottest slow jams. Condition your body, increase your flexibility and increase your rolodex of seductive moves.

  • Pole+Chair (Beg 1)
  • Beginner level dance class that works with pole and chair to create sexy, fun choreo!
    Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

  • QueenWest StudioHours
  • Our QueenWest Studio, located at 721 Queen St. W, just west of Bathurst, on the South side of Queen, is open for your visit!

  • HeartOn! Burlesque Troupe $80/$160
  • Join Pastel Supernova over this 2 month session to learn an entire routine to perform at our Valentine's Showcase!

    Heart On! Showcase
    Saturday, February 11th
    YongeStreet Studio

    Very Important:

    If any rehearsals are missed, you may be required to make it up with a private with the instructor.

    You must have a full BV membership until the show date to join at the Vixen rate.

    Small costume fee.