Lee Sa

Lee Sa instructs the following:
  • Pole Advanced
  • Our Pole Advanced class will take you to new heights as you learn new moves, tricks and work your strength, stamina and flexibility!
    Be inspired to work new moves, as well as your nemesis tricks!
    Please Note:  You must have permission from the Pole Advanced Instructor to enter their class! STRICT!
    LateToClass/Cancellation Policies in effect!

  • Intermediate LYRA
  • Int Lyra is for those participants who have attended and successfully completed the beginner Lyra 6 week session. You must be comfortable inverting and hanging by your knees on the Lyra, be able to complete a Delilah climb with ease and able to lower yourself to the ground with control. In this series of classes we will expand on movements hanging from the top bar, explore drops and flips as well as spinning combinations.
    You must have completed the beginner 6 week session to enter this level.
    You must have permission from the instructor to enter this class.
    Leggings and long sleeves are recommended.
    Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation policies in effect.

  • HeartOn! SpinPole Troupe! $80/$160
  • Join LeeSa over this 2 month session to learn an entire routine to perform at our Valentine's Showcase!
    Heart On! Showcase
    Saturday, February 11th
    YongeStreet Studio

    Mississauga Studio TBA

    Very Important:

    If any rehearsals are missed, you may be required to make it up with a private with the instructor.

    You must have a full BV membership until the show date to join at the Vixen rate.

    Small costume fee.

  • LYRA Conditioning
  • This class offers students a mix of apparatus and ground based exercises to help students get over plateaus, build strength and get more cardio in workouts. We will also focus on helping correct strength imbalances, strengthen under worked muscles and stretch over worked ones. Weights, body weight exercises, plus lyra and pole will be used to create a dynamic workout that is suitable for all levels.
    Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation policies in effect.

  • LegsWideOpen!
  • This class is designed to teach you the techniques for achieving your splits!
    Front splits, side splits, over splits!
    This is an All Level class aimed at increasing your flexibility, especially if you consider yourself inflexible!
    Be sure to bring a water bottle!

  • InterPole
  • Get ready to defy gravity!
    Improve your spins, perfect climbing and learn more challenging inversions.
    Prerequisite: Must be able to do an inverted straddle and be comfortable with all the Pole Inversions curriculum.  Be sure to get permission from your instructor to join this class!

  • FlexyVixens
  • A traditional dancer's stretch and flexibility class aimed at increased full body flexibility. This class is interactive so bring your stretch requests! ... and water bottle!

  • Intro to LYRA NEW
  • Come hang with us! Aerial Hoop (lyra) is a great way to train like the cirque pros while being elegant and graceful like a dancer. In this beginner level class, you will learn tricks, flexibility and beautiful poses on a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling. Aerial Hoop is appropriate for all shapes and sizes.
    Long-sleeve, t-shirt, leggings recommended.

  • Armed for Pole!! NEW
  • Whether your new to Pole or Lyra or a seasoned vet, building and maintaining upper body strength is so important.
    See how your aerial skills improve when you cross train with other resistance training classes.
    Not into pole or Lyra? Well this class is still for you if you want shapely, sexy, toned arms and shoulders.
    Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation Policy in effect.

  • BendOverBackwards!
  • This class is designed to increase your back flexibility and strength.
    Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation Policy in effect.

  • Advanced Lyra

  • Pole Beginner 1 ONLY
  • For new students!
    Learn the foundations of pole dancing including basic spins, strength holds and floor work to help develop upper body, core strength and flexibility.
    This particular pole beginner 1 class is not for beginner 2 or more advanced students!!!
    LateToClass/Cancellation Policies in effect

  • Pole Advanced
  • This class is a combination of intermediate and advanced tricks, spins and dance moves. Working on both static and spinning poles, expect to work on form, develop strength and increase your flexibility to take your poling to the next level!
    You must be confident and enrolled in Intermediate to enter this class and you must see your intermediate instructor for permission to join this class!
    *Please bring a yoga mat.

  • SpinningPole Intermediate NEW
  • Learn to the tricks and techniques to mastering inversions while spinning!
    We do not recommend this class to those new to the intermediate level.  
    You should be comfortable with intermediate inversion moves!
    You need permission to enter this class!
    All Spin Classes may be Pole SHARE!

  • LYRA Beginner 6wk/$80/$160
  • Learn the basic techniques and skills for this beautiful aerial hoop dance over a 6 week period.
    You will be instructed on how to safely get in and out of the hoop, as well as beginner sits and poses, while building required upper body strength. This class is a great workout!
    This is the progressive pre-requisite for intermediate and advanced lyra.
    Long sleeves and leggings recommended.
    Missed classes cannot be recompensed.  
    You must have a full BV membership, valid for the 6 week session to join at the Vixens' rate. ($80)