Nikki Martell

Nikki Martell instructs the following:
  • Erotic LapDance Class!! NEW
  • An intimate moment between you and your loved one needs to be special, steamy and hawt! Maybe you just received your favourite jewelry, a gift you've been waiting for, or you just want to give them something to remember forever and appreciate their presence in your life. What better way to make your partner sweat other than to give them that special LapDance they have been waiting for? :eave your shyness at home and bring the fierce strong sexy goddess that you are by learning the moves to make your partner melt! Give them the show they will never forget! Layer up for this class for artful removal of clothing, wear hats, or any other prop you would like to play with :) shoes are recommended but optional.
    Late arrivals cannot be accommodated
    Cancellation policies in effect.

  • A$$ Class! NEW
  • Dreaming of a round sexy booty? Dream no more! This class will make you sweat from your own hotness by focusing on your favourite muscle group the Gluteus aka the booty! Build and tone your butt from every angle, to bring out that lifted and gifted round booty. We also work on shrinking that waist line, to accentuate the booty for a more dramatic and hourglass look.
    Bring your indoor shoes, awesome spirit and more important, your sexy butt for a high energy ass squeezing session!
    Late-to-Class/Cancellation Policies in effect.
    All Levels Welcome

  • PoleSHARE Inversions
  • This is our Intro to Pole Inversions class!
    In this class not only will you work on perfecting your spins using both hands, spin combinations and floor work,you will also learn the techniques for basic inversions, leg hangs and lifts in this exciting level.
    Prerequisite: You must have permission from a Pole Beginner 2 instructor to join this class.

    PoleSHARE may be used in this class.

  • FloorPlay 1
  • Learn all the tricks and techniques to basic floor moves and choreography for smooth transitions, and a sexy workout!!
    This is an off the pole class,
    Bring your heels, legwarmers, kneepads and SASS!!
    Beginner Level welcome!!

  • LegsWideOpen!
  • This class is designed to teach you the techniques for achieving your splits!
    Front splits, side splits, over splits!
    This is an All Level class aimed at increasing your flexibility, especially if you consider yourself inflexible!
    Be sure to bring a water bottle!

  • EroticPole Beginner
    This is the entry level to our Erotic Pole Dance Programme.
    In is the sexy version of our Pole Beginner classes you will be using your Beginner 1 & 2 moves, spins and flow.
    This class focuses on basic, sexy DANCE techniques, skills and choreo for pole and floor.
    There will be no push ups here!! (unless you don't point your toes!)
    Heels optional! Kneepads not so much! (get 'em!)
    We do not recommend this beginner class for your first class.
    LateToClass/Cancellation policies in effect.

  • Foolin'Around! LapDance Troupe $85/$170
  • Join us over this 2 month session to learn an entire routine to perform at our Valentine's Showcase!
    Foolin' Around! Valentine's Showcase
    Saturday, February 11th
    YongeStreet Studio
    Doors Open 8pm

    Very Important: If any rehearsals are missed, you may be required to make it up with a private with the instructor.
    You must have a full BV membership until the show date to join at the Vixen rate. (no vouchers, no intro offers)

    Vixens $85, Should-be Vixens $170

    Small costume fee.


  • BendOverBackwards!
  • This class is designed to increase your back flexibility and strength.
    Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation Policy in effect.