Michelle Fransisco

Michelle started her venture into aerial fitness in 2015 when she first started pole dancing at Brass Vixens. Since then she's expanded into other aerial activities including the aerial hoop (lyra), which she instantly fell in love with! This love for lyra inspired her to pursue instructor training and she now teaches Intro to Lyra classes at the various downtown studio locations!

Michelle Fransisco instructs the following:
  • Beginner LYRA
  • Come hang with us!
    Aerial Hoop (lyra) is a great way to train like the cirque pros while being elegant and graceful like a dancer. In this beginner level class, you will learn tricks, flexibility and beautiful poses on a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling. Aerial Hoop is appropriate for all shapes and sizes.
    Long-sleeve, t-shirt, leggings recommended.
    Late Policies in effect.
    Permission is need to advance in the LYRA program.