Marissa P

Marissa P instructs the following:
  • FREE FloorPlay 1
  • Get ready to get sexy, take it down low, and work that floor!It is an essential part of any pole routine that links everything together.
    Bring your stilettos and layer up – peel them away the warmer you get throughout class. Kneepads recommended!
    All levels and abilities are welcome.
    Late Arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Cancellation policies in effect.
    Vixens, max 2 classes please.

  • FREE ChairDance
  • learn the basics of sexy, erotic chair dancing!
     Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.
    Two classes per client please.
    Vixens, bring a FirstTime friend!

  • Mississauga StudioHours
  • Our Mississauga Office is open for your visit!

  • Mississauga OfficeHours
  • our mississauge studio office is open for your visit!