Vixen of the Month - November

Vixen Spotlight Introducing Ms. November - Leah McInerney

Q: What do you do for a living? A: I'm a pharmacy technician. Q: How did you find out about Brass Vixens? A: I found the Brass Vixens Facebook page. I wanted to try it for so long but was nervous at first. I needed more confidence. Q: What made you finally sign up and take a class? A: My friend Sandra also wanted to join Brass Vixens and try pole dancing. We got our courage up over some rum and each purchased the Intro Month offer. We signed up for every class we could!
novemberVixen Q: How long have you now been a member? A: I'm coming up on four months! Q: Do you have a favourite class? A: Yes! Erotic Chair Dance! Q: Why has that become your favorite? A: Each song has a different mood and I get to be different characters and express different sides of myself. For one choreo I get to be James Brown and the next I'm Christina Aguilera!! It's sexy and theatrical. Q: What changes have you noticed in yourself since you started taking classes at Brass Vixens? A: Number one is weight loss. I've lost 15 lbs so far but have gained so much in confidence and I feel sexy and sassy! I was nervous at first but then thought: screw it! I'm gonna get my jam on and be me! I love the free dance portion of the pole classes. I don't worry about anyone or anything else and my inhibitions go out the window! It's so liberating!! Q: What are your top three reasons to join Brass Vixens? A: One, it's a super positive and supportive environment. I've never experienced so much love within a female dominant community before!

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Mint Laser Clinic - Brass Vixens' Boss Gets Hair Removal

Mint Laser Clinic


Shannon aka #Boss Bitch gets laser hair removal

My good friend Raymi the Minx convinced me to take time out of my busy schedule to try Mint Laser Hair Removal. I have realized the older I get the more high maintenance I have become.  So what’s another appointment to add if it can reduce my shower time?

I took an Uber to my appointment, I do that when I am not sure where I am going and when I am in a hurry (almost always).  The clinic is tucked away in a corner of Liberty Village, it looks deceivingly small but walking in it was GORGEOUS!  White, with green accents, quiet… I was nervous.  I had to fill out am extensive waiver, in the waiting room.  I maybe should have gotten there sooner to allow for time to fill that out (ooops) but they didn’t rush me, whew.

I got walked into the treatment room and I chatted with the practitioner, I was nervous.  She assured me it didn’t hurt.  SURE I am thinking.  Then it dawns on me… what am I scared of?  I get tattooed often, I have done acupuncture, I wax… I am being crazy. 


I put on some Terminator shades and got my underarms lasered  in about 45 seconds each side.  I did my bikini line, it was even faster.  Shazam just like that.  If you have tattoos (what?  you don’t?  See Susi - Facebook)

You know how that feels then laser hair removal is a breeze. If getting tattooed is a 10, getting laser is a 3.  Plus it is so much faster.   It was similar to waxing, over super fast, but no redness or ingrown hairs later.  They told me no exercising for 24 hours so i had to get my shift covered but I was fine after that.  Now we wait!