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Vixen FAQs


I haven’t worked out in a while (or ever) and have no upper body strength, will I be able to do this?

Our intro classes are designed for all fitness levels. All of out staff are trained on how to do modifications to make sure everyone is getting a great workout. In each class we combine mat which includes working on building your upper body strength, your core, flexibility and work on the pole. We want to make sure you have a great work out and an amazing time, our job is to help!

What should I wear?

For pole dancing first timers, regular work out clothes are perfect, and you’ll be in bare feet. We suggest you don’t wear anything too low cut (to prevent wardrobe malfunctions) and high back shirts (so you don’t get stuck to the pole). Yoga pants or capris are fine. As you get into higher levels you’ll need some bare skin on the pole, but no shorts are needed for first timers. Heels are optional in some classes. For aerial classes, long pants, shirts with sleeves and socks are MANDATORY. See class descriptions for more details, some classes suggest indoor runners and sports bras!

Am I too old/too heavy/too out of shape?

Our staff ranges in age from 28 to 50 something. Our clients range in age from 20 to 65. We will modify anything that you are not comfortable doing, safety is our number one priority! We welcome women of all sizes and age ranges. Everyone deserves to feel confident and sexy, we do not discriminate!

Do you offer co-ed classes?

We most certainly do! We are proud to be the first pole dancing studio in Canada that offered regular scheduled classes for men. Co-ed classes are clearly marked on our schedule. If being at a studio with men offends you, then we are more than likely not the right studio for you!

Do you have showers?

Our Queen West and Yonge Street studios both have change rooms and 2 washrooms but no showers. We’re a studio not a full service gym, I can’t imagine 18 girls trying to get into 1 or 2 showers, can you?

If I’m late, should I still come?

You will not be allowed to enter a class if you are more than five minutes late. We require you to arrive at least 10 minutes before class time so you can get checked in and settled. Entering class late is disruptive and means you are missing a vital part of the class, the warm up. Please ensure you check out our policy’s page or speak to the front desk if you have questions about this. 416 901 2848.

There is a group of us, can we drop into a scheduled class?

For groups that are looking for a party experience, please contact us and we can arrange something for your group. We try to deter groups of more than 3 from entering a regular scheduled class as groups looking for a party atmosphere won’t get that from a class. We can set you up with something private and affordable for all size groups!

Do you have lockers?

No, as we only run one class at a time we suggest you take your belongings into the studio with you, not leave them in the wait room. This way you can ensure they are safe.

Do you certify instructors?

We sure do! Click here for info on how to become a pole dancing instructor at both our studios.

How long have you been in biz?

We rebranded our company in October 2011, but we have been around since 2005 in downtown Toronto. We were actually Toronto’s first pole dancing studio!

I’ve pole danced before, what should I register in?

Please contact us and we can book you in for a 30-minute assessment with an instructor who can then recommend what level of pole dancing you can register in.

How much notice do you need for me to cancel my class? 


How do I redeem my Groupon (or other deal site) voucher?

Please visit this page for instructions on how to redeem your class vouchers.

Studio Etiquette

1. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes BEFORE class time. If it is your first time, you need to fill out a waiver and get checked in. You can be denied entry for class if you are late. We don’t control the transit system to please allow travel time.

2. Cell phones must be on silent. We don’t mind if you’re on the phone in the waiting room, but please ensure your phone is off so it doesn’t disrupt classes.

3. We are an open concept studio, please be aware that some classes are quieter than others and be mindful of the noise level.

4. We like to be as drama free as possible! We love all our customers but please avoid gossiping about other customers and/or staff. Drama and negativity are not welcome! You can leave it in the bin by the door but hopefully you don’t pick it up when you leave!